Here Are Your Law of Attraction Quiz Results

Before we begin, I wanted to say congratulations on taking such a huge and important step towards manifesting the life you really want.

I really appreciate you answering those questions. It tells me you are SERIOUS about changing your life... And I absolutely love working with action takers like you!

Your Results Indicate You Must Stop Blaming Yourself… It’s Not Your Fault!

Your Thoughts And Feelings Are Simply Disconnected

Feeling stuck is the worst, isn’t it? It’s like you’re walking around with a backpack full of rocks on your shoulders and slugging through life. You know why that happens? Because of a hidden little conflict inside that’s pulling you in two directions at once!

On one hand, you have your heart, which knows your inner truth. Your infinite potential. On the other hand, you have your mind, which seeks to understand through logic and reason. When your heart believes one thing, but your mind believes another, you will NEVER manifest effectively. When the two are fully connected you’ll be able to use your entire body as a magnet, designed to work WITH the Universe (not against it).

Having a burning desire for something can really move you. It’s what drives us all! However there’s nothing worse than a burning desire that has no clear meaning and direction. You know what the truly successful people do in this world? They know how to focus and channel that burning desire into a specific outcome in their lives.

When you have an outcome in mind, and attune your desires in this one specific way, you’ll find that brand new opportunities show up where you’d least expect it, and you can convert that feeling of having what you want into the fuel you need. Everything else will fall into place.

The #1 Thing Blocking You From Having What You Want Is Your Hard Work Ethic

Have you ever heard the term “work smarter, not harder?” It’s one thing to know, but another thing to live by. Especially if you are like me, and you were raised to believe that hard work looks an awful lot like success!

Once you move past that, you will be ready to accept what’s really possible for you.

One Simple Shift That Could Change Your Life Forever

Have you ever heard term “self fulfilling prophecy?” It’s when you convince yourself that something will happen in a certain way, and you unconsciously create situations in your life to make it come true. Usually, people create negative self fulfilling prophecies based on their past failures. So they fail again, and reaffirm their belief that they can’t have what they really want. It’s like using the Law of Attraction in reverse! I know the world might seem unfair right now, but don’t worry. You just need to sever your emotional ties to the past in this one specific way. A simple shift in perspective is all it takes! And I’m confident things will start working in your favour.

Freedom Really IS Possible In All Areas Of Your Life

I’m impressed because you have the courage to see what you want in life. Some people can’t even dream! But you can. However I can tell you have a couple things still holding you back from actually going out there and LIVING that dream.

You see, whenever we venture outside our comfort zone, it can feel uncomfortable. When you do things you’ve never done, you are taking a risk. All sorts of doubts can creep into your mind. That’s why eliminating those doubts and fears are so essential to your growth

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