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Exclusive collection of 4 pillar candles

Exclusive collection of 4 pillar candles

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Indulge in a complete manifestation experience with our exclusive collection of 4 pillar candles: Inner Power, Money Magnet, Sweet Success, and Pink Romance. As an added bonus, each candle comes with a 15-minute manifesting ritual, designed to enhance your manifestation practice and elevate your intentions.

  1. Inner Power: Ignite your inner strength and embrace your true potential with Inner Power. Infused with empowering scents of invigorating citrus, grounding patchouli, and uplifting bergamot, this candle will inspire confidence and motivation. Light it during meditation or whenever you need a boost of self-assurance.

  2. Money Magnet: Open the doors to abundance and prosperity with Money Magnet. This captivating candle combines the enticing aroma of wealth-inducing scents, such as vibrant bergamot, luxurious vanilla, and grounding patchouli. Allow its gentle flickering flame to attract financial success and opportunities into your life.

  3. Sweet Success: Celebrate your achievements and attract sweet success with this delightful candle. Its fragrance is a perfect blend of fruity bergamot, luscious strawberry, and warm vanilla. Light it up when setting goals, pursuing dreams, or simply to create an uplifting ambiance that encourages productivity and positive energy.

  4. Pink Romance: Ignite the flames of love and invite romance into your life with Pink Romance. Infused with a gourmand floral bouquet, this candle exudes the tantalizing aroma of black coffee, delicate white florals, and sweet vanilla. Let its enchanting scent create a romantic ambiance for special moments or to simply add a touch of elegance to your space.

Each pillar candle is lovingly handcrafted using premium soy wax, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. The elegant design and shimmering colours of the candles make them a stunning addition to any décor. Whether you desire personal empowerment, financial abundance, professional success, or a touch of romance, our collection of pillar candles is here to support your intentions and manifest your dreams.

Embrace the power of manifestation and elevate your space with our exquisite collection. Light up the candle that resonates with your desires and let the transformative energy flow. It's time to unleash your inner power, attract abundance, celebrate success, and indulge in the romance of Pink Romance. Illuminate your path to a life filled with positivity and fulfilment.

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