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Manifestor Pro

Money Magnet Wax Melt Bar

Money Magnet Wax Melt Bar

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Introducing the Money Magnet soy wax melt snap bar, the perfect tool for manifesting wealth and abundance. This snap bar measures 101 x 41 x 13mm and is adorned with the word "Manifest" written on each of its four segments.

The fragrance of this snap bar features a perfect blend of floral freesia and earthy patchouli, followed by a base of warm amber and sweet vanilla. The top notes of freesia are said to attract positive energy and new opportunities for abundance, while patchouli is believed to enhance prosperity and good fortune. Amber and vanilla are also known for their power to attract wealth and success.

Simply place a segment of this soy wax melt snap bar into your wax warmer and let the aromatic blend of essential oils fill your space with positive energy and abundance. Let the Money Magnet snap bar help you manifest the wealth and abundance you desire in life.

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