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Pink Romance Jar with 15 Minute Ritual

Pink Romance Jar with 15 Minute Ritual

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Introducing the Pink Romance Candle, a captivating creation designed to infuse your space with love and romance. Encased in a sleek black matte tumbler jar, adorned with the enchanting words "Pink Romance" in soft pink, this candle radiates elegance and sets the stage for a romantic ambiance. The bamboo lid adds a natural touch, while preserving the candle's essence when not in use.

Measuring at 9.3cm x 8cm, this candle contains 236g of premium soy wax, known for its clean and long-lasting burn. Adorned with Rose Quartz stone chips, symbolizing love and compassion, the Pink Romance Candle enhances its manifestation properties.

The scent of Pink Romance is a gourmand floral blend that captures the essence of romance and enchantment. The top note of black coffee adds a touch of boldness and energizes the atmosphere, igniting passion. The heart of white florals evokes elegance and grace, creating a dreamy and enchanting ambiance.

The base note of vanilla completes the fragrance, offering a sweet and comforting touch. Its warmth and familiarity envelop the senses, setting a romantic mood and inviting connection.

To enhance your manifestation of love, the Pink Romance Candle comes with a 15-minute manifestation ritual. This ritual guides you in harnessing the candle's energy, allowing you to manifest and attract love into your life.

Indulge in the Pink Romance Candle, let its alluring fragrance, exquisite design, and purposeful ritual create a romantic haven. Ignite the flame of love and allow its energy to permeate your space, cultivating a sense of passion, connection, and enchantment.

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